Introduction. E-Learning Physical Education- P. Dost Central/Hollywood

Hello Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to the eLearning Physical Education Page for Central and Hollywood. Attached are your child/children's PE activities to be completed on their gym days.  Grades 1-5 have gym twice a week and K has gym once a week. On the right hand side of this page you will find the weekly PE Lessons, PE Schedule for Central and Hollywood (19-20) and Extra Lessons if needed. 
And, a note to the children... as always, challenge yourself during the lessons but, also, listen to your body - if something doesn't feel right, stop or change to a different exercise. Lastly, have fun. I miss you all.
Please feel free to contact me if needed, 
Below is an overview of the weekly lessons. On the right hand side of this page is the link to connect to the weekly lessons. 
Week 1- #1 3/18-3/20
         Gr. 3-5 Choose a Fitness Calendar 
         Gr. K-2 Hopping to a Healthier You 
Week 2- #2 3/30-4/3
         Gr. 3-5 Heart Rate Lesson
         Gr. K-2 Heart Rate Lesson
Week 3- #3 4/6-4/10
         Gr. 3-5 Let's Roll
         Gr. K-2 Let's Roll
Week 4- #4 4/13-4/17
         Gr. 3-5 The Spelling Fun and Fitness Workout
         Gr. K-2 Spelling Fitness Rocks (I and II)
Week 5- #5 4/20-4/24
         Gr. 3-5 The Fab "FITT" Formula Workout I
         Gr. K-2 It's Prime "Time" for Feeling Fine- The Clock Game I/II
Week 6- #6 4/27-5/1
         Gr. 3-5 The Fab "FITT" Formula Workout II
         Gr. K-2 Animal Yoga and the ABC's of Yoga
Week 7- #7 5/4-5/8
         Gr. 3-5 "Kids Beginning Yoga" video- Yoga Ed.
         Gr. K-2 "Yoga for Kids" video- Maa Yoga Studio
Week 8- #8 5/11-5/15
         Gr. 3-5 Fitness Challenge- "CardioKids" and "KidzBop Dance Party"
         Gr. K-2 Fitness Challenge- "Fitness Blender and Baby Shark"
Week 9- #9 5/18-5/22
         Gr. K-5 Super Hero Fitness Workout
Last Week- 5/26-5/28 
This is the last week of school. There is not a PE lesson assigned for this week. If you need to complete any missing assignments, you may do that through Thursday, 5/28.
Have a great summer!
Fitness Awards- Grades 3-5
Students in 3-5 grade participated in the FitnessGram.  Each child will receive an individual score sheet and D96 Fit wristband.  In addition, the 3 top scorers for boys and girls from each class will receive an Outstanding Achievement Award certificate.  
Hollywood students will receive their items this week.
Central students will receive their items in the fall of the next school year.  Due to Covid19, remote learning and the construction at Central, these items were delayed.  If you will be moving out of district, your item will be mailed to your forwarding address.
Congratulations to all for striving for their personal best!
Mrs. Dost
 PE Extra Lessons-eLearning. 1. Go Noodle